Paul Krueger

Paul Krueger is a Filipino-American author. His first novel was the urban fantasy Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge, followed by the critically acclaimed stand-alone fantasy Steel Crow Saga and Driftwood Orphans. A lapsed Chicagoan, he may now be found literally herding cats in Los Angeles.

Writing Relevant Speculative Fiction

The Last Bookstore invites you to a panel discussion with science fiction and fantasy authors S.B. Divya, Paul Krueger, Carrie Patel, and Arianne “Tex” Thompson as they discuss what writing about cybernetic augmentation, cocktail sorcery, underground cities of the future, and magical frontier lands means for today. Speculative fiction offers rich opportunities to tell stories that are both topical and imaginative. Through fictional worlds, writers can examine familiar problems in fantastical settings. These authors will discuss their writing processes, the enduring draw of genre fiction, and the unique perspectives that science fiction and fantasy provide.

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